The 20 Most Addictive Podcasts Ever

When you have an eye condition that forces you to limit screen time, you end up listening to a lot of podcasts. Below is my list of the most addictive, binge-worthy podcasts I have listened to, in my hundreds of hours of podcast-listening.

Common themes include true crime (when it’s reported respectfully and not salaciously), mystery, cults, scams, wild pop culture stories and just excellent story-telling. Almost all of these shows tell long-form stories across an entire season, except for Heavyweight. I do not enjoy podcasts that feature comedians chitchatting about true crime, or really anyone chitchatting about anything.

Every list of “Most Binge-able Podcasts” that I can find online seems to be way off the mark. Or maybe I am, but I don’t think so!

These are not the most educational podcasts, and I recognize that there is a place for those. These will not keep you updated on current events. They will help you disappear into a story. That’s it. Tell me what I’m missing!

1. Missing and Murdered: Finding Cleo – CBC
2. Serial Season 1
3. S-Town
4. CBC Uncover – Death in Cryptoland
5. I’m Not a Monster – BBC
6. Tom Brown’s Body
7. Suspect
8. Chameleon Season 3: Wild Boys
9. Heavyweight - Gimlet
10. The Missing Cryptoqueen - BBC
11. Root of Evil: The True Story of the Hodel Family and the Black Dahlia
12. Missing Richard Simmons
13. Chameleon Season 1: Hollywood Con Queen
14. The Trojan Horse Affair
15. Up and Vanished Season 1
16. Harsh Reality: The Story of Miriam Rivera
17. Someone Knows Something Season 5: Kerrie Brown - CBC
18. The Gateway: Teal Swan
19. The Jungle Prince - BBC
20. Sweet Bobby

Honourable Mentions
White Hot Hate - CBC Uncover
Do you Know Mordechai?
Gone South
American Jihadi
The Shrink Next Door

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