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Darrelle London is diving into the world of “Kindie” music (Kids-Indie), where she feels right at home! Produced by Dean Drouillard, Darrelle’s new children's album, carries listeners on a journey through a colourful world of curiosity, creativity, and laughter. A mother herself to two young’uns, Darrelle has discovered the joy of making kids’ music that all ages can enjoy!


Darrelle is no stranger to following her heart to unexpected places. After turning down law school to pursue a music career, she has spent the last decade making her mark on the college and festival circuit across North America. Some highlights include performing at iconic venues such as Hollywood’s Troubadour Club and Nashville’s Bluebird Café, collaborating with her favourite artists such as Chantal Kreviazuk, being chosen by Sarah McLachlan to perform at Lilith Fair, and placing her music on TV shows and ad campaigns in the US and South Korea.­­



“My goal with this album was to capture the sense of wonder and awe that all children have,” Darrelle explains. “Somewhere along the way, us adults have forgotten to marvel at the morning moon, or how to make art just for the sake of creating. This album gave me the space to ponder questions like, how did Pluto feel after being demoted from planet status, or what would happen if wild animals crashed a birthday party? The fun in making this record has been non-stop, and I think that comes across.”


With support from Toronto Arts Council, Ontario Arts Council and FACTOR, Darrelle was able to create the beautiful, high-quality album that children deserve. Some of Canada’s best session players bring Darrelle’s imaginative tunes to life with jubilant horns and lush strings. Darrelle can’t wait to bring the party on the road in 2023 and beyond. 


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"reminds one of Kate Nash channelling Jill Sobule with a dash of Ben Folds"

- Nick Krewen, Toronto Star

“We love the quirky Canadian piano pop singer/songwriter! She’s back with some fresh tunes and it’s so HER! Sweet! Catchy! And slightly off center! We love it!”



“Anyone years from now who wants to know what people were thinking and talking about – and how they were saying it – will find no better source than the songs of Darrelle London – especially on “Tangerine and Blue”.

These same people of a later age will likely also listen to the songs for an even better reason: the timelessness of great, hook-filled tunes!”


- Mark Rheaume, CBC Radio One, Ontario Morning 

Awards and Recognition

·  2024 Canadian Folk Music Awards Nominee (Best Children's Album)

-  2018 International Songwriting Competition – Winner, Children’s Category (“Sheep”)

·  2018 Folk Music Ontario Songs from the Heart Awards – Winner, Children’s Category

(Sing to the Moon)

·  2018 Parents’ Choice Awards “Recommended Selection” for Sing to the Moon EP

·  2015 International Acoustic Music Awards – Winner of “Best Female Artist” category

·  Campus Activities Magazine  - Nominated for “Best Female Performer” (2015)

·  USA Songwriting Competition – Finalist in “Folk” category (2016)

·  Bell Media Emerging Artist (May 2012)

·  Lilith Fair Talent Search Winner, Toronto (2010)

·  Toronto Independent Music Awards - Best Pop Act (2010)

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