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Sheep now available everywhere!

Hello friends,

There have been many stops and starts with these lullabies.... I made the new album, Sing to the Moon, in summer of 2017 with producer Robyn Dell'Unto. It was so generously supported by my rockstar friends and followers with a Pledgemusic campaign. And then, pregnancy and baby-related things happened, and I've been sitting on it for almost a year.

Well, now my little Elliot is six months old, and we are kind of in a routine-ish. And the time has come to put these songs out into the universe.

We released "Sheep" as a single on Tuesday, September 25, along with a new video! Thanks to everyone who has been checking it out! The video is animated by a very talented artist named Balint Hohmann, from Hungary (we met online). I love his work, and I love that the whole "global village" thing allows me to work with such amazing people from all corners of the world.

Sheep is available everywhere music is streamed and sold! I also created a Spotify playlist called "Canadian Kids Music," which includes Sheep and some other faves, so you and your little ones can shake your sillies out while supporting Canadian artists!

Sing to the Moon will be out in 1 week, on October 9! Thanks for following along this winding road I'm on. Keep in touch!!



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