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How Playlists Can Help You Discover Great Kids' Music

So many parents out there are unaware of the vast world of quality kids' music. And it's not their fault. Many kids discover music through YouTube or Netflix, and end up asking their parents to put on Coco Melon songs on Spotify for the millionth time. This is no hate to Coco Melon (my kids like it too!) but did you know about the wide world of kindie (kids-indie)music? I fell in love with kindie music when my husband played me a CD by the Terrible Twos. He had it in his collection because he was a fan of the Get Up Kids, and the bands have the same lead singer, Matt Pryor.
But if you don't happen to have a spouse who used to work for a record label and has a collection of hundreds of CDs, how are you supposed to know about these artists? My favourite way to discover great kindie music is through playlists. Many are generated by parents, and some are curated by the artists themselves. I have loved creating playlists of some of my kids' favourite artists, for different purposes and developmental stages. Some of my more popular ones are Kindie Songs,
Canadian Kids Music, and Lullabies for Babies and Kids. I try to update them often to keep things fresh. Some of my newer ones are Art Class Playlist, which is great for classrooms, and Songs with Wheels, which has more train, truck and bus songs than you thought possible. All of my playlists can be found at the bottom of my Spotify Page.

It's a beautiful thing when families enjoy music together. Let me know what you think of my playlists, and who I'm missing!


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