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I realized that I haven't posted on here since my "invisible eye condition" post. Things were not so good for me at the time that I wrote that, in November. I'm overdue for an update, because I don't want people to worry if that's the most recent blog they see on here.

Thank you so much to those who have reached out with kindness and support after I shared about my struggles with ocular rosacea and meibomian gland dysfunction. It meant the world to me. We are all struggling with something. and it's so much better to struggle together than in isolation.

Fortunately, my eyes are feeling much better. They are not 100%, and I'm ok with that, because I am just grateful to be functioning again. I am no longer in constant pain, so I take that as a huge win. There are many factors that I could credit for my symptoms improvement, but I think the biggest one is a RX eye drop I'm using called Restasis. I am so grateful for this drug! It has given me my life back. Yay modern medicine!

Now that my eyes are somewhat better, I've been able to get back to writing, and when I say writing, I mean writing everything! I currently have whatever is the opposite of writer's block, so I am riding this wave as long as I can. I'm working on a business idea, which I'll get into another day. But it involves writing 3 e-books, among many other things, so I've been working on those every day.

I'm also working on a new full-length kids' album. I am in love with the kindie music world, after dipping my toe in with Sing to the Moon. It's time to dive in and really give it a go.

I also have lots of grown-up song ideas... not sure what I'm going to do with those.

Overall, I am grateful that my eyes work, and grateful to feel creatively inspired. I also miss my friends and family, and feel so deeply for everyone who is struggling right now.

Writing and music are so healing for me, and I pray that you all have something that brings you comfort and feeds your soul. Please be kind to yourselves. Spring is around the corner, and hope is on the horizon.

xo D


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