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Happy National Ice Cream Day!

six ice cream cones with sprinkles
Strawberry speaks to my heart! Sugar cone, extra sprinkles please....
Did you know that this Sunday, July 16, is National Ice Cream Day? As your friendly neighbourhood ice-cream-loving kindie singer/songwriter, I felt it was my duty to share this information.

There are several opportunities to celebrate the day with free ice cream, if you know where to look! And I'm not one to gatekeep, so check it out below!

Head down to Harbourfront for free ice cream courtesy of Dairy Farmers of Ontario. The flavour they're giving away is called Ontario Milk and Cookies, which honestly sounds delicious.

Good Behaviour, which has three locations across the city, will be giving away a free kiddie scoop to the first twenty people through the door on Sunday. Or you can try to spot their Ice Cream bar bike and be one of the first 50 who say "ice cream is better than gelato" to get a free bar (yes, seriously!).

Across Canada

New York, Chicago and Austin
The Museum of Ice Cream is giving away free ice cream this Sunday, and some of their locations even have a "sprinkle pool," which sounds intriguing. More details here.

Across the U.S.A.
Participating Dippin' Dots locations will be giving away a free cup of Dippin Dots for a two hour window on Sunday. Find more details and participating locations here.

Enjoy your weekend celebrating National Ice Cream Day, and if you end up posting about it, remember that my song "Ice Cream" is available as a sound on Tik Tok and Instagram!


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