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I Heart CBC

It's been an interesting process promoting my new album, Sing to the Moon. I've released a new album every three years since 2009, and every time, it seems like the entire marketing landscape has changed!

This time around, I've mostly been promoting it from behind a computer screen because a) people tell me that's important these days and b) I don't have the time or energy or logistical ability to hit the road and tour (or even put up posters around town).

But one thing that fortunately has always been a part of promoting a new record for me, is visiting my friends at Fresh Air on CBC Radio One! Thankfully, producer Sandy Mowat was kind enough to invite me back again in late October.

It was such a joy to chat with host Nana abc Duncan about my foray into "kindie" music, and the inspiration behind the new tunes.

You can listen to our interview HERE. I think they only keep the links up for a few weeks....

And then just when I thought my love for CBC couldn't grow any more, they just

added my song "Sing to the Moon" into rotation for their Kids' programming!

Thanks CBC! You're the best friend an indie artist could ask for,

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