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All the Playlists You Need to Get Through the Weekend with Kids

We're coming into the weekend! Before having kids, that meant relaxing, sleeping in, and going out at night. Now it means... trying to survive until the kids' bedtime at 7:30pm when you can crash on the couch and watch Ozark. Just us? Yes? No?

I've made some playlists to help those of us with young kids get through Saturday and Sunday with maximum enjoyment and minimum meltdowns.

Sometimes we all just need a breather, so I made a Youtube playlist of my 4 lullaby music videos. This is handy when you just need 12 minutes to drink your coffee during the day, or it's a great wind-down to work into a nightly bedtime routine. Check it out and let me know what your little ones think! (Bonus: it's ad-free!).

I've also made a Spotify playlist called Canadian Kids Music. It's a really fun mix of nostalgia (Sharon Lois and Bram, Fred Penner) and some newer Canadian tunes that kids love. Check it out, and instill a shared family love of Canadian music!

And finally, I've made second Spotify playlist called "Kindle Songs," which includes some of my favourite tunes from the Kindie genre (Kids-Indie). It includes tunes by Jack Johnson, Terrible Twos, Caspar Babypants and the Beatles (ok, the Beatles didn't write music for kids, but kids really enjoy Yellow Submarine... like a lot).

I hope you'll save/follow these to help keep everyone mellow and happy on the weekends!

xoxo D

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